Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 1

Let me start this way: I'm not  a stage mom. Or not yet. Not the way you think of stage moms: my daughter isn't a "professional". Yes, she learns singing from a professional, goes to dance classes and acting classes, plus participates in 4-5 theatre shows a year in and around our town. But she doesn't have an agent or auditions in New York several times a week. Not yet. I know she dreams of it, though.

She is 12. Turning 13 this month. No more braces. (Just

Becoming a stage mom is not something I dream of. But I'm not sure which one scares me more: becoming one (with all the unwanted implications) or not becoming one because she gives up. I guess, there is a third way: she can go for it as an adult. Now, there is something to think about!!!

My blog will be a "progress report" of some sort. I will start at the very beginning and then after I get where we are now, I'd like to follow her on her path to...whereever it leads.

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